Yoga teaching schedule - for more information on classes see below



Yoga with Aerial Fabric uses the same fabric as circus arts as a prop for yoga.  It does not need any more strength, agility or skill than normal yoga.  By holding, looping or being suspended by the fabric in specific ways it can make the yoga  poses easier, or work to strengthen and challenge the pose.  Classes at Chestnut Hill Yoga at Gidney Rd in Orange are pay what you like.  If you choose to pay with less than normal cash payment it is expected that you do something nice in the world that week as energetic trade for the class.  

All levels vinyasa (Bhava Vinyasa) are a broad mix of poses with breath instruction, intended to give a full and balanced practice. There are no particular requirements as far as ability, strength or flexibility. Rather the prerequisite is knowlege of ujayi breathing and any resting pose you can slip into if you chose to rest or skip an asana.

This vinyasa class is distinguished by attention to alignment and thoughtful sequencing of poses, which promote ease, grace and safety at all levels; and by providing generous, hands-on assistance with alignment and breath instruction to all students throughout the entire course of class.

Specifically in my classes you will find:

hands-on assists given systematically to each student around the room

joyful music (afropop, folk, techno, rock, worldbeat etc)

I also teach beginner classes that range from gentle and/or lightly restorative to highly instructional.

I am available for privates for cash or trade for easy things like yard and house work or other chores.